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Underwear Travel Bag

Tired of the mess and the cumbersome process of packing underwear, sock, and bra? Especially in the travel, the uncertain hotel closet sanitation status and the full schedule both make you need a convenient, safe and fast way to pack your underwear.  This small and functional underwear travel bag is a one-click solution to all your underwear arrangement problems. It is the essential travel accessory that can neatly organize and protect your underwear, bra, etc. The main compartment is deep and wide enough to hold several bras at the same time and you can roll up your underwear and put them in the elastic pocket on the upper lid. In addition, the middle detachable compartment is another independent space to store your travel accessories.

HIGH QUALITY. Made of top-grade waterproof polyester.  Durable two-way zippers and the thickened bag edges improve bag’s safety and wear resistance.

COMFORTABLE DESIGN. Two compartments and six interior pockets make the storage exactly the way you want. The small and compact appearance fits all size suitcases and bags.

CONVENIENT TO CARRY. The bag is ultralight and foldable. It can be used for a long family journey, business travel, home use, etc.

One Piece 3.06$
underwear travel bag partition
This zipped middle compartment is detachable, which divides the upper and lower two spaces and improve the space utilization rate. We can put eye cover and other travel accessories in this compartment.



underwear travel bag compartmets
Interior elastic pockets make your underwear storage tidy and easy. The deep and wide main compartment holds several bras at the same time without shape deforming.



underwear travel bag size
The size of the bag versus the size of the iPhone.



underwear travel bag fabric
Compared with the white glue, the polyester fabric used on this bag adopts transparent waterproof glue, which is environmentally friendly.



underwear travel bag elastic rope
Additional pockets separate your bras and briefs, more easy to find them. We should always sure our underwears are in a clean and safe place.



underwear travel bag details
Soft polyester material, thickened bag edges and two-way zipper closure give all-round protection for your underwear.
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    waterproof polyester




    Black, Light Blue, Pink, Red, Wine Red


    opp bag/piece,200pcs/carton

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