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Wholesale Hanging Washbag

Do you ever want a washbag with excellent quality and cheap prices? LIKEWIND knows well about your concerns. As a Chinese manufacturer and wholesaler of bags, we have years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and sales. This type of hanging washbag is one of the best toiletries bags. You can put together your shampoos, cleansers, toothbrush, toothpaste, and cosmetics, etc in it. It also has some features that really make it a good choice for you. No matter when you are on a business trip, travel around the world, or just at home.

Strongly built-in hook. It is easy to hang the washbag on the wall or a rack.

Water-resistant. 300D polyester is an excellent fabric that leads to effectively high waterproof.

Large capacity. The hanging washbag has two main large pockets that can hold bigger necessaries for washing. The upper one is half clear. This human-centered design makes quick access to the one you want. Two small pockets on the upper main compartment can accommodate tissues.

Removable small bag. The lower main pocket is removable. You can take it out whenever you need to by easily open the metal snap button underneath it.

Considerate details. Isolated pockets in the middle is an ideal place for women’s cosmetic brush.

1-2 piece 5.63$
main show picture of hanging washbag
Wholesale hanging washbag images

As shown in the picture, LIKEWIND hanging washbags have large capacity.  The multiple compartments make perfect use of the space in order to satisfy your needs of putting different sizes of toiletries.You can put your shampoos, toothbrushes, toothpaste, cleansers, cosmetics, etc in it.

Wholesale toiletry bag size
Size of the hanging wash bag.
Wholesale toiletry bag capacity
It has a large capacity.
Inside the hanging washbag
The inner structure of the hanging wash bag.

The strongly built-in hook makes sure that even when heavily loaded the wash bag won’t fall off. The hidden pocket is with a smoothly slide zipper. The upper main pocket has three outside pockets for small items such as tissues. A slim long pocket in the middle is perfect for containing a cosmetic brush. The lower main pocket is removable which makes this hanging wash bag very flexible.

gray hanging washbag
black hanging washbag
folded empty hanging washbag
When the hanging wash bag is opened. You can see the interior space is fully used.
details of hanging washbag
The upper main pocket has a transparent window, two small pockets, and a mesh pocket.


zipper of hanging washbag
The zipper slides smoothly.
upper layer of hanging washbag
The upper main parts of the wash bag. Right below is a linear pocket that can hold a cosmetic brush.
hanging washbag for sale
The hanging wash bag is compact and stylish.









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