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Reusable Grocery Bags Wholesale

Big enough to carry the items you need, but small enough to remain easy to carry. Our grocery bags are your best choice for shopping, camping, one-day travel, festival activities, etc. They are all made of top-grade waterproof polyester that has the advantages of high wear resistance, high load-bearing capacity, and good waterproof performance. Compared with the ordinary plastic grocery bags, our reusable grocery bag is more trendy, stronger and more environmentally friendly. LIKEWIND offers five different colors for you to choose from. Moreover, we can customize the color, size, logo or printing according to your requirements.

MACHINE WASHABLE & REUSABLE. Toss them directly in the washer can save your time. And the recycling of shopping bags reduces pollution in the environment.

PERFECT SIZE. This grocery bag can be folded into the size of a wallet or smaller so that you can take it out at any time when you need it.

One Piece 1.63$
reusable grocery bags wholesale size
Reusable Grocery Bags Size


reusable grocery bags wholesale different colors
We offer five different colors.


reusable grocery bags wholesale folded
Our reusable grocery bags can be folded to the size of a wallet. They fit in your pocket, car, handbag, shoulder bag, etc., which is convenient to carry.


reusable grocery bags wholesale details
The snap fastener on the surface is used to fix the bag when it is folded.  The dense stitches give the bag good load-bearing capacity.


reusable grocery bags wholesale detail
Besides shopping bag, it can also be used as a book bag or a little school bag to hold different kinds of items in your daily life. You can put your phone, key, tissue, MetroCards in the exterior pocket for the fast taking.


reusable grocery bags wholesale folding method
30 seconds to learn how to fold the pouch.


reusable grocery bags wholesale in daily life
Long and strong hand straps allow you to hang the bag on your shoulder with your hands-free.
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    unfold: 34.5*56cm , foldable: 19*10cm


    waterproof polyester


    5 colors


    The logotype has the sticker, printing, stitching, metal logo, and hangtag, five styles. And the color is optional according to customer's requirements.

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