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Wholesale Zipper Shoe Bag

LIKEWIND zipper shoe bags make easy and quick access to shoes by the use of the smooth zipper. Whenever you are on a business trip or just do your organization at home, it is a good helper to add cleanness to your life. The double reinforced handle makes a comfortable hold.

Perfect size. This shoe bag has enough space for the storage of slippers, sandals, sneakers, high-heeled shoes and other kinds of shoes.

Round enlarged zipper. This considerate design gives larger space for fingers to hold the bag, makes it easy and comfortable to carry.

Candy color. There are pink, blue, beige, grey, black, pink stripe, printed color, and other fancy colors. You can ask to get more information.

Highly waterproof. No worries your shoes will get wet by rains or spills. LIKEWIND zipper shoe bags are water-repellent due to the use of polyester.

Multiple uses. Aside from being a shoe container, LIKEWIND zipper shoe bags can also accommodate cosmetics, toiletries, underwear, etc small accessories. You buy a shoe bag actually get a multifunctional bag.

One piece 0.95 $
Opening Zipper Shoe Bag
LIKEWIND wholesale zipper shoe bags have enough space for all kinds of shoes.

Sneakers. slippers, high heels, etc can be put into our zipper shoe bags.

Multi-use of Zipper Shoe Bag
This zipper shoe bag can also hold shirts, underwear, toiletries, and other small items.

It actually has multiple uses which makes it a cost-effective choice.

Zipper Shoe Bag
Size of the zipper shoe bag.

The compact design makes it a perfect size for holding shoes.

Colorful Zipper Shoe Bag
The candy colors of the zipper shoe bags add joy to life.

There are pink, blue, beige, grey, black, pink stripe, printed color, and other fancy colors.

Details of Zipper Shoe Bag
The zipper is enlarged and easy to open and close.

The zipper is round and enlarged. It gives a larger space for fingers to hold the bag thus makes a comfortable hold.

Blue Zipper Shoe Bag
The blue color is fresh and bright.

Pink Zipper Shoe Bag

The pink color is romantic.

Stripes Zipper Shoe Bag
The pink stripe adds vitality.
Printed Zipper Shoe Bag
The printed pattern looks cute.


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