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Shoe Carrying Case Wholesale

Packing travel luggage can be a tiring process without bags for carrying shoes. LIKEWIND shoe carrying case makes the process much easier. Not like other ordinary shoe bags online, our shoe carrying case is with novel designs. You may worry about the travel suitcase has no extra space for a shoe bag. This shoe storage bag can be attached to the tunk lever without taking up inner space. Double-sided twill fabric is applied to guarantee long term use.

Large volume. There are two layers and one inner pocket that can totally accommodate two to three shoes.

Waterproof and durable. The material of polyester is water-resistant. Keep your shoes from water, dust, stains. When it gets dirty, use a towel to clean is quite easy.

 Mesh window. This design is very practical. It makes the shoe breath, avoids the embarrassment of unpleasant odor. Besides, a clear view makes quick access to shoes.

Perfect size and lightweight. Its size is 28*16*22cm. The weight of the shoe bags is only 0.295kg.

LIKEWIND has been doing the wholesale shoe bags online for years. We have professional designers and agile sales teams. Get a closer look at your ideal shoe carrying case for resale now!

Whole Picture of Shoe Carrying Case
The use of TPU waterproof fabric makes it strongly resist the water.

You never want wet dirty shoes on your trip. LIKEWIND shoe carrying case wholesale make products under strict waterproof tests.

Back Side of Shoe Carrying Case
The bag can be attached to the luggage case.

This is a novel design that greatly releases your hands and saves spaces of the luggage.

Size of Shoe Carrying Case
Size of the case

The suitable size makes the shoe case compact and simple.

Inner Stucture of Shoe Carrying Case
It has two main layers and one interlayer. It can accommodate three pairs of shoes.

One family only needs one carrying shoe case to solve the shoe packing problem.

Clear Shoe Carrying Case
It has a mesh window on the face which helps change fresh air and avoid unpleasant odor

A quick clear look of your package is realized by the design of the mesh window.

Shoe Carrying Case With High Heels
High heels can also be put into it.
Packings of Shoe Carrying Case
We have opp packing and paper packing.
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