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Medicine Storage Bag

This medicine storage bag has a perfect size and good quality.  It adopts durable oxford fabric and metal closure. Multiple inner pockets and elastic loop design allows the package space to be fully utilized. The double-layer inner lining increases the shock resistance and keeps the medicine and other debris in this bag from damage. Besides that, the rectangular flat design makes it is easy to carry. When we go for a short trip, go to an amusement park, play football or take part in other outdoor activities, this medicine storage bag can be put into our backpack and luggage for use at any time and it is well-equipped to treat the most common injuries.

COMPACT & DURABLE. The organized inner layout increases the usefulness of the bag, while the adoption of top-grade material makes the bag durable and lightweight.

EASY TO CARRY. This medicine storage bag has a mini size so that it can go inside the shoulder bag, backpack, luggage, etc.

MULTIPURPOSE. Except for medicine, this small storage bag can also accommodate scissor, ID card and other accessories you need for travel.

One Piece 1.15$
Medicine Storage Bag Colors
Two colors choice.



Medicine Storage Bag Size
We offer L and S two sizes for customers to choose from.



Medicine Storage Bag Portable
The flat design and compact appearance make the bag are easy to be stored in luggage and backpack.



Medicine Storage Bag Mesh Porket
The see-through mesh inner pockets are convenient for quick access to first aid supplies.



Medicine Storage Bag Elastic belt
The elastic band on the left side is especially designed to hold the columnar ointment, which saves the space to a great extent.



Medicine Storage Bag Transparent Pocket
Except for accessing the medicine quickly, the transparent inner pocket can help you see what needs to be replaced after items are used.
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