Underwear Travel Bag

COMELYBAGS provides wholesale underwear travel bag. Retailers can find several different patterns of undergarments bags. There is definitely a suitable one for you.

Undergarments bag is an important travel accessory on the market. It helps customers organize underwear neatly. Leaving behind chaos and dirty drawers of hotels.

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COMELYBAGS undergarments bag is generally made of polyester, dacron, or oxford fabric. All of them are waterproof and durable. Upgraded nylon plus polyester design is newly used in the underwear travel bag. This design improves the water-resistant effect while keeps the travel underwear bags light to carry.

Three main shapes of the underwear travel bag: cube, round, drawstring. Cube made bags have multiple layers. Round made bags are cute and simple. Those with drawstrings are super light.

COMELYBAGS underwear bag has a wet and dry separation design. This considerate design makes users enjoy a tidy trip.

COMELYBAGS travel underwear organizer has a clear classification of multiple compartments. Take the 3 zippered layers for example. It has a main deep large part for holding bras. The upper layer with elastic pockets fits panties or socks. A transparent pocket up there leaves the best place for wet or dirty underwear. Vests can be put into the bottom layer. There is another 2 layers undergarments bag with a removable pocket in the middle. It is very practical, too.

Travel underwear bag has wide applicability. When customers go traveling, swimming, go to a fitness center or are at home, etc, an underwear bag is needed.

COMELYBAGS wholesale underwear travel bag is of high quality at low bulk prices. Our trade team specialized in the export business. The MOQ is low with less cost in the quick shipping. Strict quality systems and thoughtful after-service guarantee your interests.

If you want to become a bestseller in underwear travel bag retailing, feel free to ask COMELYBAGS for details.

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