Wholesale Shoe Bags

COMELYBAGS supplies wholesale shoe bags at competitively low prices. Various types of travel shoe pouch for resale are waiting for you to choose. There are drawstring shoe bags, folding shoe bags, mesh shoe bags, PVC shoe bags, etc for travel and daily life.

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Drawstring shoe bags are quite easy to open and close. They are made from natural flax fiber. This kind of material is ultra-light and has remarkable breathability. The material is also very soft and environmentally friendly. A clear window opened on the drawstring shoe bag is convenient to see the inside item.

Folding shoe bags are made from polyester, a lightweight waterproof material. They have the special design of zippers stitching on the upfront face of bags. It makes a quicker way of putting in and taking out. This type of travel shoe pouch has a colorful appearance.

Mesh shoe bags have a large mesh window that helps shoe breath and avoids unpleasant odor. A double layer mesh shoe bag has a much larger capacity. It can hold 2-3 pairs of shoes.

PVC shoe bags are combined with oxford material. They are very sustainable and has an excellent water-resistant ability. This kind of shoe pouch is suitable for boots and high heels storage.

The travel shoe pouches on sale make the packing of shoes easy and clean. They protect shoes from dust, stain, scuffing and separate stinky shoes from clothes. COMELYBAGS shoe bags can be put into the luggage or home storage bags easily.

COMELYBAGS offers shoe bags bulk of first-class quality at low prices. We are expertise in the export business, you can have a smooth process of purchasing. The MOQ is low with less cost in the quick shipping. Strict quality systems and thoughtful after-service guarantee your interests.

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